the newsletter of tbd consultants - edition 4, 4th qtr 2006

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Strategic Planning
Uniformat II
TBD Bid Index
Work Breakdown Structure
Microsoft Office 2007

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Strategic Planning
Tony Vallance

Starting a project off with a sound strategy sounds like a good idea, but how do you do it? Click the link below to read Tony's views on what Strategic Planning is and how it should be implemented.



Uniformat II

What is the format that CSI recommends for early estimates and for outline specifications? It is not Masterformat, but the building element system known as Uniformat II. Click the link below to find what this format is about and why it is recommended.



The TBD Bid Index

In the previous Bay Dimension newsletter we introduced the TBD Bid Index, which aims to show how bid prices are moving over time (based on a classroom building project). After a rapid increase at the end of last year and into the beginning of this year, we saw a bit of a leveling off in prices, but the increases apparently had not gone away, and we are seeing bids moving ahead of the increases in labor and materials (represented by the ENR San Francisco Building Cost Index) again.

TBD Bid Index:

1Q: 100.001Q: 107.621Q: 118.391Q: 137.80
2Q: 100.102Q: 109.172Q: 121.042Q: 138.93
3Q: 104.603Q: 112.333Q: 128.063Q: 143.36
4Q: 105.584Q: 116.334Q: 138.09 


WBS - Work Breakdown Structure

What is a Work Breakdown Structure, and what would you use one for? Are they just for scheduling? How would you put together such a structure. Click the link below to read about Work Breakdown Structures.



Geoff’s IT Gems
Microsoft Office 2007

We've all grown comfortable with the Microsoft Office suite over the years, but a new version is coming out next year with a brand new look. What can you expect? What has changed? Geoff has been trying out the beta version of the new suite, and you can read his review of Microsoft Office 2007 by clicking the link below.



Design consultant: Katie Levine of Vallance, Inc.